Items donated by Stitches 2015/2016


Thorpe Hall

20 knee blankets


Care Zone

15 bed covers, 20 jumpers (adult and children), hats, gloves, scarves and baby clothes.

(Care Zone no longer accepts soft items so we won’t be continuing with this next year.)


Footsteps, Kenya (school)

19 green school jumpers


Hinchingbrooke Hospital

80 twiddlemuffs, baby tops


Godmothers (baby boxes supplied by Elton Methodist Church)

2 cot blankets


Neo-natal unit, Peterborough Hospital

30 hats


Unknown hospital

hats for older children


Spalding nursing home

7 twiddlemuffs



26 school jumpers, 50-60 play jumpers, cardigans and pullovers, hats, scarves and gloves as presents for carers, pencil cases and bags for 21 children who come over to England, sweaters and bags for 9 older girls who visit later.


Shoe box appeal

hats, gloves, pencil cases and puppets.


Thanks to Dorothy, Chris, Norma, Sylvia, Judith and Margaret for distributing everything, and a huge thank you to Monica for all the work she does in all kinds of ways. Thanks to the people who keep us fed and watered each month and a huge thank you to all the knitters, both those who attend the group and those who send stuff in.