Items donated by Stitches 2014/2015


Thorpe Hall

18 knee blankets via Dorothy. Plus those provided by friends at Whittlesey/Ponders Bridge.


Care Zone

36 Jumpers, 5 blankets, 2 cot blankets, 10 Scarves, 12 hats



23 school jumpers, 62 play jumpers, 1 blanket, 27 toys, 8 children’s hats, 23 adult hats, 16 pairs of gloves, 2 scarves for family/carers. Plus 54 quilts.


Huntingdon Hospital

Hats via Norma – 25 – plus Whittlesey.


Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

Via Chris – A large number of cot blankets and baby tops.


Shoe boxes

Thousands of clowns and several animal glove puppets, gloves and hats.


Pet blankets

To the vet via Brenda – approx. 12.


We have in stock quite a few baby tops waiting for whenever Chris’s husband visits a hospital.


Huge thank you to Margaret for transporting to Care Zone and storing the items for Chernobyl.


But most of all

Thank you to you!


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