March’s Stitches

Eighteen members present this month, including our Pondersbridge friends. They joked they would need a pantechnicon to bring everything, and it certainly looked like it. There is a hairdresser in Whittlesey which has become a dropping-off point for donations, and we get huge amounts of stuff through them.

Quilts were the highlight this month. The stitched ones are beautiful as usual, and one knitted on the diagonal, which is shown in the photo in extreme close-up.

Instead of being quilted in the usual way, one quilt was finished with buttons and ties in the corners of the blocks. Simple and effective.

We have done twiddlemuffs and twiddle bags, and these continue to come, but there is another new idea – a twiddle quilt. The idea is that it is both a lap quilt, and a twiddler. These can also be used for both dementia and stroke patients.

We have a large bag of toys for the Chernobyl kids, and a large bag of hats, which will go to various places.

Very often when knitting you end up with leftover wool. A lot of these bits go into the twiddlers (sorry for coining a new word, but I needed to find one to sum it up.), but there are a lot of other creative ways. Jumpers can have pieces knitted in contrasting colours, the red cardigan with asymetric self-striping sections was particularly effective.

Chris and Keith will shortly be taking a carload of things to Knit for Peace, after it is all sorted of course! Many thanks to them for being willing to do this trip a couple of times a year.

I have done an audit of the Chernobyl stuff. We have almost enough play jumpers and toys, but are still very short of red jumpers, which are perhaps the most urgent item, and at present we only have 4 potholders as carers gifts. There are a number of teddies and puppets which will be handed over in the autumn for children not actually on the programme bringing them to the UK. A few school jumpers and toys are also still needed. These all need to be with us by our June meeting – on the 20th.


February’s Stitches

Having thought for ages that we had 18 members, 18 people were at the last meeting with one new member and two not there, so clearly my counting is at fault!

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December’s Stitches

I have been writing this blog for a long time now, but this is the first occasion where I have also been responsible for editing and actually posting online, so please bear with any technical hitches!

We had 15 members present for our preChristmas meeting, and as usual a wonderful array of things.

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