Christmas teddy bear

October’s Stitches

There were a number of people absent this month, due to other engagements, but with our Pondersbridge friends we still mananged 17.

I’m sure 2018 is going to prove a record year. You can see from photos what size table we use, and this time we had to clear it and refill it, having had so many donations.

October's donations all laid out together

knitted teddies

October's knitted donations

pile of knitted hats in various colours

A fair amount of stuff will go to our church Mistletoe Market on November 3rd, and there is a sparkly teddy for a ‘name the bear’ competition. Anything that isn’t sold will be sent to charity as usual. The Mistletoe Market is the major fundraiser of the year to cover the costs of running the church and last year our stall made a good proportion of the profits.

Our Pondersbridge friends always supply some wonderful quilts, and I can never resist photographing these in close up. The fabrics are always amazing, as well as the amount of work in them.

Quilts in a variety of fabrics

purple and yellow quilt

green and yellow quilt

multi coloured, multi patterned quilt

We had a number of squares returned from last month’s challenge to use an odd ball. One of our members, Anne, will sew them into a blanket, and we may even have enough eventually to make a second.

knitted squares

Now that we have a contact with Peterborough hospital, we have been able to find out that they are keen to have knee blankets, so after having stopped making these some time ago we can now do them again.

knitted blankets in various colours

knitted blankets in various colours

It has been suggested I include photos of things other than just the things we produce, so this time there is a picture of the cakes, which Lynne makes for us every month. They look mouth-watering, but for those of us who have to be more careful what we eat, there are always gluten- and fat-free alternatives. Thank you, Lynne.

this month's baked goodies

And as always, thanks to you wonderful knitters!


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