knitted toys including elephants and a hedgehog

September’s Stitches

With 15 members present we had our usual amazing amount of stuff, including jumpers, hats, twiddlemuffs, toys and blankets, including a lovely one in autumn colours made from squares taken from cushion cover patterns.

knitted blanket in autumnal colours

We had 3 Thank You letters, from Knit for Peace, Mission to Seafarers and Project Linus. The Mission to Seafarers included their recommended patterns for fingerless gloves, beanie hats and scarves, which we will distribute in due course.

At last we have a contact for Peterborough City Hospital, who are particularly interested in our twiddle bags, not having seen any before. Twiddlemuffs are also welcome.

Where possible we like to support local causes, and with the winter night shelter set to offer a greatly expanded service this year, we have been asked to supply hats, scarves and gloves for the users. Please no jumpers, they can be too easily sold for alcohol or drug money, and are also at greater risk of theft. There is also another local project which is asking for much the same things.

Apart from our regular bright red and grey for Chernobyl and green for Kenya, we have been donated so much wool we haven’t had to buy any since very early this year. This means we inevitably have a lot of odd balls and part balls. Everyone was challenged to take one ball (standard DK acrylic) and knit a square – 46 stitches and 80 rows garter stitch, on 4mm needles, which Anne has volunteered to sew into a blanket.

Those who come do make a small financial contribution, and saving on purchasing has resulted in a reasonable amount of money in the kitty. It was unanimously agreed to donate £75 to the chapel to help offset the costs of heating, lighting and tea and coffee. The Mistletoe Market is coming up in November and we will be having a stall there, where all the profits go to the chapel.

We produce so much, I am convinced some of our members knit or sew 24/7, although everyone assures me they have full and busy lives elsewhere, but the more challenges we give the girls the better the response! You are amazing, girls.

September knitted donations and people knitting

pink lace effect knitted jumper


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