knitted hedgehogs

June’s Stitches

If last month’s Stitches was Wow!, then this month’s simply has to be WOW!!!!

We had 18 members there, including our three ladies from Pondersbridge. No kidding, it took the entire meeting to sort everything.

All I am going to do, apart from explaining one picture, is write a list and let the photos speak for themselves.

Here goes:

Approx 20 toys

knitted toys

knitted pink and yellow bear

69 hats of various sizes

knitted hats

71 small kids’ jumpers

various knitted jumpers and cardigans

knitted cardigans

1 green jumper for Kenya
1 adult jumper
18 large kids’ jumpers

knitted jumpers and cardigans

various knitted items

25 poppies

knitted poppies

11 twiddlemuffs


14 twiddlebags
14 blankets

knitted blankets

purple and green knitted patchwork blanket

purple and flowered knitted blanket

white knitted baby blanket

15 quilts

A selection of quilts

A selection of quilts

Space pattern quilt

A selection of quits
1 baby quilt

Hot air balloon pattern quilt

Sewn bags to donate to hospitals, called syringe driver bags. These are used by patients to disguise vital equipment if they have to carry it with them when they are discharged. They will be donated to NPNGUK (no pain, no gain, UK) via the Whittlesey branch and distributed to hospitals in the area.

syringe driver bag in elephant print

(Dimensions for these bags are 24″x10″, folded widthways and 2 thicknesses, strap 55″ longĀ  and cut 5″ wide, to make it approx 2 1/4″ wide). Bags with straps short enough for children are also needed.

Massive thanks to everyone.


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