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Where: Orton Waterville Methodist Church.

When: Thursday 19th September at 10.00 am


August’s Stitches

Only 13 present this time, but our special appeals from last month were very productive. We had everything from cupcakes, to savoury nibbles, to ice cream, to fruit for the knitted food. This is going as part of a protest to Parliament asking them to end hunger. Innocent smoothie hats were well to the fore as well, from a tortoise to a banana (which also appeared as knitted fruit), and lots in between.

For items going to Knit for Nowt, which passes them on to counselling services for traumatised children, we had a number of puppets – animals and two ethnic minority family groups with happy and sad faces either side of the heads. There was also a bright worry monster. He has a pocket on the front so that children can write or draw their worries and the monster will eat them, enabling a counsellor to read the paper later.

The usual number of jumpers etc arrived. I haven’t photographed them this time, having decided to concentrate on the ‘fun’ items. However, a knitted blanket made from scraps of wool with the row ends tied to form tassels, just asked to be pictured. Such a good idea to use oddments which are too small for most other things. Seen here with the worry monster using it as a comfort blanket.

It never ceases to amaze me how much we manage to produce each time, especially the way we manage to take on new challenges while the old ones are not neglected. Thank you girls, you are fabulous!

July’s Stitches

With 15 members there, including a new lady, we managed to produce an amazing amount of stuff. The theme for the day was definitely ‘bright’ as the pictures will bear out. We had Innocent smoothie hats in the shape of angels, some very imaginative jumpers, which will cheer up anyone’s wardrobe, and (my personal favourite) a toy of the Princess and the Frog!

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May’s Stitches

Only thirteen members this month, but that didn’t make it unlucky! Summer means holidays, and other commitments, but a lot of knitting was produced.

We have managed to add a few more jumpers for the Chernobyl kids, and they, as well as the quilts from the sewing group, were handed over the following day. We have the promise of a few last items to come next month so as usual we have done unbelievably well.

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Chernobyl handover

Unlike previous years, the handover this year took place during a coffee morning at the chapel, which was also in aid of the Chernobyl kids. Because the children are coming early this year not everything has been collected yet, but we still had plenty of stuff, ranging from tote bags to toys and quilts.

Since then the quilting group at Ailsworth has handed over another 9 patchwork quilts as well as several (uncounted) knitted ones. Having seen pictures of families with pieces of old carpet on the beds for warmth, I can well imagine how appreciated these quilts are, and of course, they are all beautifully bright colours. These will be passed on after Stitches this week, together with anything which arrives then. Any final bits can be passed on after the June meetings, but it needs to go bit by bit to allow time for sorting. (And to keep my dining room table clear!)

The coffee morning has sent a cheque for £200, which is phenomenal. Many thanks to all who supported us.

Coffee morning photos below.

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April’s Stitches

Starting off with thanks this month. You will have seen the pictures of the bags going to Knit for Peace. In total we sent nineteen black sacks which filled a Land Rover Discovery. Thanks to all of you who added to this amazing total, and especial thanks to Monica and Chris for spending two and a half hours sorting it, and Keith for driving Chris to London with it almost hampering his rear vision.

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