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Where: Orton Waterville Methodist Church.

When: Thursday 21st February at 10.00 am.


January’s Stitches

Knitted teddies

We had fifteen members at the January meeting, with one not well and one on holiday.

Pile of colourful blankets

As usual we had some really lovely items. Blankets featured fairly heavily again this time, with several coming in from our ‘outknitters’. Plenty of twiddlemuffs came in, including several without the ‘twiddly bits’ as we have been requested.

Knitters with twiddlemuffs

There was a lovely lady’s waistcoat, here modelled by a member who doesn’t want to show her face! But the back view shows off the beautiful lacy pattern.

Lady's knitted waistcoat

Stash-busting is the order of the day. After last month’s blanket we now have some beautiful multi-coloured scarves as well as toys and hats. The socks, which look like stash-busters, are in fact self striping yarn. They, like the ones that came in earlier will be given to one or other of the local charities providing shelter for the homeless.

Stripey sock

Following on from last year’s bunnyroos, our design expert, Ann, has completed 50 small birds, which will be filled with Easter eggs for children who attend various messy church sessions. Here they are shown in a flock, all looking forward to their new homes.

Easter egg holders

We have been given more wool rescued from being binned by a shopping channel. We have received 21 500g packs, and apparently two other groups have also had wool from the same source. No wonder the shopping channels are so expensive, but it does seem like horrendous waste. The charities will make good use of it however, and it is good quality wool.

Mostly more of the same next month please, but beginning to think about this year’s Chernobyl knits. This year’s gift is stuffed toys, but we haven’t yet decided on the carers’ gifts.

Thanks as always to everyone, including the tea-makers!

December’s Stitches

I have been writing this blog for a long time now, but this is the first occasion where I have also been responsible for editing and actually posting online, so please bear with any technical hitches!

We had 15 members present for our preChristmas meeting, and as usual a wonderful array of things.

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