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Where: Orton Waterville Methodist Church.

When: Thursday 20th February at 10.00 am

January's Stitches

Only 12 there this time; illness, holidays and other commitments taking several of our regular members away. We received quite a pleasing amount of stuff, in spite of the reduced numbers, but I’m afraid illness got in the way of the photos a bit.

We had several blankets, ponchos and jumpers, adult sized, baby and child sized and the sizes specially for the Chernobyl children.

Worry monsters arrived as usual, with imagination coming well to the fore.

It’s a good job we all like doing different things – I couldn’t make a worry monster, but I’ll do a child’s jumper any time, others enjoy making blankets, and various people will collaborate on making puppet families.

These puppets are a family: mum, dad, grandma and two children, each with a happy face on one side and a sad one on the other. They go to Knit for Nowt, which will distribute them to those working with traumatised children, who may feel more relaxed talking to a puppet of their own ethnicity.

We have a short term, urgent request. Everyone is aware of the suffering of animals in the Australian bushfires. Next month we hope to send over some knitted pouches and birds’ nests to put recovering creatures into.

It’s a bit of a case of ‘find your own pattern’ for the nests, but a knitted or crocheted bowl about 5″ diameter and 4″ high is about right. The pouches are simple. Use DK wool and 4mm needles. Cast on 50, 100 or 150 stitches and knit 20, 24 or 30 cm according to the number of stitches. Cast off, fold in half and join two adjacent sides, leaving a short end open. Please use either garter or stocking stitch, to avoid little feet being caught, and imagine a baby kangaroo or koala being kept safe in it. These pouches will be lined with cotton before being passed to the animals, and tension is not critical.

How do we decide which charities to support? There are several answers to this question, and over the years we have added charities and dropped others. Probably most of our support goes to charities in which our members show an interest, or to which they have a connection, and the two main overseas charities we help have both come through members’ connections (Chernobyl and a school in Kenya), as does the current animal pouch project.

An article in the Orton Oracle sparked a request from a local care home for a few pairs of fingerless gloves, which we were able to supply very quickly. We supply some hospitals and care homes with a variety of things, but many of these charities are now so tied by regulations that they are unable to receive handknitted items. One charity had even got as far as asking us for things to sell in their shop, only to find they could no longer be used, and we were asked if they could be sold at events instead, which apparently did not have the same restrictions.

The Garden House, under the auspices of Peterborough’s Light Project, is a charity which deals with the local homeless, and links through the local churches enable us to make donations of hats, scarves and gloves etc. Sometimes it is as important to know what is NOT needed, as pullovers and large goods are not required as there is too much potential for theft, or sale for drug money.

There are many others we have helped over the years, too many to remember.

We are a group which has always said that if you knit it, we will find a destination for it, rather than a group which tries to support a specific charity. Most things go to charities in this country, and where it goes abroad, either it is a personal luggage for charity workers paying a visit to the charity, or in the case of the Chernobyl group, in the suitcases of the children returning from a visit to the UK. Anything which does not come into any of the above categories goes either to Knit for Nowt, which distributes to counsellors, social workers and the like who help children in this country, or to Knit for Peace, which receives goods, knitting needles, wool etc and distributes them wherever the need is greatest, flood or fire survivors, trauma sufferers, and so on, in this country, and charities abroad, wherever there is a need and they can alleviate it.

If you know of a charity which can benefit from our skills, please do contact us.

December's Stitches

Where did that year go? It was our Christmas meeting this time, complete with cake and mince pies and carols in the background! I am also convinced we all turned a bit mad, a number of us being caught cuddling and conversing with the worry monsters. Hopefully some of that love may pass itself on to the child who uses it.

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November’s Stitches

So much to tell again this month.

Sad news (for us) first. Lynne, who has been with us from the start, has moved to Cambridge, so is no longer able to join us. Lynne has knitted so much for us, but also provided cakes on a regular basis. Thank You so much, Lynne. You will be missed, and not just for the cakes! All the best in your new home, and don’t forget to come and see us if ever you can.

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September’s Stitches

Starting this month with Thank Yous received. We heard from Missions to Seafarers, whose email includes pictures of some of the men wearing hats (see below). Then we heard from Footsteps, the charity in Kenya which takes our green school jumpers. Finally we heard from Sue Ryder care, who have sold some of our things at events, as they cannot put them in the shop. They would like things which can be sold at Christmas events next time, such as Christmas decorations, novelty children’s hats and so on.

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